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- Photographs of Symposium -   "Emerging Trends in Biomedical   Sciences"   

- Congratulations to Ms. Bilen Lemma   Reggassa for being selected for the   award of Chancellors Gold Medal for   Best Outgoing International Student   in Post Graduate Programme from   SIU   

-Congratulations to Ms. Vaishnavi   Jalihal for winning Second Prize in   the Food Photography Category at   Intercollegiate Food and Nutrition   Competition organized by PFNDAI   and SNDT, Pune.   

-Congratulations to Miss Meghna M.   Baruah, Junior Research Fellow for   winning the Organizing Committee   Award for Excellent Poster   Presentation at 42nd National   Conference of the Association of   Clinical Biochemists of India at   PGIMER Chandigarh.   

-Congratulations to Ms. Dhairya H.   Patel, Project Student for getting   Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences   Hyderabad (NIMS) Best Poster Award   at 42nd Annual Conference of the   Association of Clinical Biochemists of   India at PGIMER Chandigarh.   

-Congratulations to Ms. Anshika Nikita   Singh, Junior Research Fellow for   getting selected for Department of   Science and Technology (DST) –   Inspire Fellowship by Government of   India.   

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