Student Support

Students are supported through various activities conducted at SSBS yearly these include guidance for competitive exams, soft skill development, career and personal counselling, remedial coaching and language labs.

Mentoring System At SSBS

Student mentoring is an integral part of campus life at SSBS. Each student is assigned a faculty member as a mentor all throughout the two years of their post graduate studies. The function of mentor mentee system is to observe, monitor and suggest inputs for the overall development of students. Students are encouraged to write various competitive examinations such as NET/SET/DBT etc. Initial few months of post graduate studies may be stressful for some students as they find it difficult to adjust to the new environment. In such scenarios, mentors are their best guide for adjusting to the new college life. The mentor mentee sessions are held twice in a month. However, the students are free to interact with faculty members for career advice and personal counselling anytime. Mentoring system has been active at SSBS since the year 2013.

Language Lab

English proficiency is an integral requirement for success in academic writing. Students during first year of their degree program are offered 12 sessions on academic writing focusing on language skills particularly needed for specific areas of study such as Nutrition and Dietetics or Biotechnology. The academic module focuses on good vocabulary, grammar and professional communication which will be useful for students in their future jobs. In addition language lab also focuses on resume writing, paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism and professional email communication. The topics are covered through interactive role plays and discussions. Faculty members from ELTIS and external experts conduct these sessions for students.