Exam Details

CNG - (Course Not Granted)
  • Minimum 75% attendance in aggregate is mandatory for all the students of the University to be eligible to appear for the external examination of all courses of the term. If the attendance for a particular course/paper is below 75%, the student will not be granted permission to appear for the examination of the concerned course/s where the attendance is below 75%.
  • Institutes shall declare a list of students as TNG/ CNG to those who do not fulfill minimum attendance requirement as specified by the concerned Institute/ University. Such students are not permitted to take that particular course/term end University Examination.
  • All those students who are granted TNG/CNG will be appearing for the examinations in next season as a backlog. The candidate will fill the backlog exam form but not pay the fee for the relevant season only. The backlog form will have to be deposited in exam department along with the form of undertaking.
ATKT Rule for 2 and 2.5 Years Programme
  • He/She cannot appear for end Semester-3 exams if he/she has CGPA less than 4.00 up to Semester-I irrespective of number of backlogs in Semester -I
  • He/She cannot appear for end Semester-4 exams if he/she has CGPA less than 4.00 up to Semester-II irrespective of number of backlogs in Semester -II
Guidelines for Medical Leave

The guidelines for issuing medical certificates have been reviewed by Symbiosis Centre of Health Care. As a result of this review, new guidelines have been adopted. By making these changes we hope to streamline the process for students & staff.

Providing medical excuses may encourage some students consciously or subconsciously, exaggerate a minor illness and exploit that illness as an excuse for failure to attend academic schedules. It is the responsibility of the student to notify professor/instructors when he/she is unable to attend class, complete assignment or fulfill academic obligations because of illness or injury.

For leave up to 3 days, if the person takes treatment from a private doctor, then he/she has to submit the medical certificate to the institute on the day of rejoining the Institute. The office of the institute will at the discretion of the Head may accept it or require the staff/students to have it authenticated from SCHC.

Guidelines for students to obtain medical certificate from the Symbiosis Centre of Health Care.
  • Medical certificates, when provided, will be dated and signed by the doctor / Physician. The original will be given to the student to deliver to the appropriate faculty member(s) or to the Registrar.
  • Campus Medical Officer is authorized to issue medical certificate up to 3 days only in situations where student must have been seen by the Medical Officer / Physician at the time of illness or injury. Campus Medical Officer is not authorized to issue medical certificate for more than 3 days.
  • Sanction of leave for more than 3 days will have to be obtained before the 4th day itself and not at the time when the student comes back to Institute. Continuation of sick leave beyond 3 days will have to be notified to SCHC. Medical Superintendent / HOD are authorized to sanction medical leave beyond 3 days after verification of supportive documents.
  • Medical Certificates will not be backdated. Please do not ask the doctor for a retrospective medical certificate as they will not have the evidence that you were ill.
  • In case the Student is admitted to a hospital or has fallen sick, it is obligatory for him/her to send certificate by doctor treating his/her medical condition by fax directed to the Medical Officer, Symbiosis Centre for Health Care (Tele fax 020-25678680, Ext-250) about the possibility of medical leave extending beyond 3 days. This is for your information.
Implementation of Choice Based Credit System

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