Orientation and Pedagogy

A week long induction programme is organized for the new batch of students wherein guest speakers are invited to share their expertise, knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Students are exposed to emerging trends and career opportunities available biotechnology. A series of informative lectures are also organised for the students by in-house University faculties which include orientation to student welfare policies, wellness and recreation facilities as well as health care services. This induction program also includes various lectures on personality enhancement and soft skills training. Students are given a bird’s eye view of their course curricula.

At Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences pedagogy involves a combination of lectures, assignments, case studies, presentations with special emphasis on laboratory practicals and hands on training. Industry and field visits too are given a special emphasis. Additionally classroom sessions are planned on current scientific topics or path breaking research to encourage open ended discussions. Students are also encouraged to undertake research projects mandatorily as a part of the curriculum.